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Group Members

Principal Investigator

Kuznetsova image
Lyuba Kuznetsova
Assistant Professor of Physics
Office: P-141
Phone: (619) 594-6164
Citations: Google Scholar

Graduate Students

Campbell image
Bethany Campbell
Physics Graduate Student (December 2019 expected)
Kelly image
Priscilla Kelly
Computational Ph.D. Candidate (July 2019 expected)

Undergraduate Students

Dietz image
Erick Dietz
Physics Undergraduate Student (May 2019 expected)
Lilledahl image
Skylar Lilledahl
Physics Undergraduate Student (May 2019 expected)

Former Group Members

Ryan Albrecht [(Sept 2015-May 2016, senior thesis) currently Space Operations Officer, US Air Force]
Harshitha Ashwathnarayan [(June 2015-Dec 2015, ECE Masters)]
Carla Bacco [(May 2014-Jan 2016, Physics Masters) currently at Coherent Inc. ]
Natalie Best [(Sept 2015-May 2016, senior thesis)] graduate student at Chapman Univeristy]
Evan Chiconie [(September 2014-June 2015, senior thesis)] currently at Metron Scientific Solutions]
Grace Cordes [(September 2013-December 2014, STEM Scholar)]
Jeffery Dionne [(September 2014-June 2015, senior thesis) currently at Northrop Grumman]
Grant Varnau [(Sept 2015-May 2016, MARC scholar)]
Brandon Himmel [(January 2014-May 2014, senior thesis) currently at Cymer Inc. ]
Ian Lyster [(September 2016-January 2017)]
Shouxun Wang [(June 2017December 2018)]
Daniel White [(June 2014-December 2014, senior thesis) currently Electrical Engineer at Molex RF Microwave]
Evan Zarate [(August 2016-May 2017) Currently at NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory]

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